Featured Author: John Clarke

Middle Waters is Clarke's debut novel, the first in the Jason Parker Trilogy. After decades of writing science fact, John Clarke found a voice for his more creative side. His readers explore possibilities of human and non-human interaction that are simply not possible in non-fiction.

    Clarke is a diving scientist for the U.S. Navy, and holds a master's degree from Georgia Tech and a doctorate in physiology from Florida State University. His career research has specialized in the adaptations of humans, animals and single-celled organisms to high pressure and the deep-sea. His work with the Navy, National Science Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution has taken him to the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the Puerto Rico Trench.

   His eclectic blog is found at http://johnclarkeonline.com.

   A Wikipedia page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_R_Clarke, provides more career and publication details.

Aside from writing, his passions are diving and aviation. Not surprisingly, those passions figure prominently in his writing.

Aside from his fiction writing, he is preparing a non-fiction book on the spiritual and supernatural, which should be out soon.

Middle Waters